The Stasis Pack

In 2015, during some downtime between projects at Ubisoft, I decided to teach myself Substance Designer/Painter.  I always work a bit better when I’m working on a project, so much that I decided to make a modular asset kit using my knowledge of Max, Zbrush, Designer and Painter. My first offering on the Unreal Marketplace, what I called the Stasis pack is a modular Sci Fi Interior Kit.  As you’ve probably guessed things got pretty busy with work on The Division Franchise after that so I have yet to get back into making asset packs but it is something, given that I have the time, I would like to do more of in the future.

Below is  a brief write up on the the packs.

  • 22 highly adjustable substance based pbr materials.
    • The following are adjustable from within the editor:
      • roughness values
      • wear
      • dirt
      • grime
      • texture resolution
      • lighting color
      • All adjustable attributes can be connected to and adjusted via blueprint
  • 58 custom models for your interior environment include
    • walls
    • ceilings
    • floors
    • props
    • wires, cables, pipes
    • Simple collision shapes generated
    • Lod’s where applicable

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