Social distancing and skill building

Observing social distancing due to a new pandemic (COVID-19) is a little surreal for someone who’s been working on the video game adaptation of this very scenario for the last 5 years. During this time I’ve been working from home on a yet to be announced title from Red Storm/Ubisoft. I’m using free time while at home to update this site/my portfolio, learning Blender and getting back into Substance Designer after a long break from it. Improving my skills is never a bad thing. Stay tuned!

We Launched a new Division game!

After finishing up production on the first installment of Tom Clancy’s The Division, supporting the live game, and working on a few downloadable content packs we moved onto the second installment of The Division. Today we shipped The Division 2!!

If you’re interested in checking out my contribution to this beautiful game head out to the Senate Park and Columbus Circle areas of DZ East or head over to my portfolio to check out some screenshots.

Last Stand DLC is live for The Division

Last Stand hits the shelves today so to speak. The third and final year one downloadable content pack for Tom Clancy’s The Division is live. If you find yourselves up north in the dark zone of Manhattan you check out my work in area 8’s interiors/exteriors along with both northern extractions.

I also had a blast working with my Ubisoft coworkers in Annecy France on the streets outside of the Chanel 93 TV Station for the new Stolen Signal Incursion.

Trying something new with a modular prop pack

As a game industry veteran with over 16 years experience working with AAA studios like Electronic Arts, Midway Games, Ubisoft and Red Storm entertainment I’m trying something new or at least new for me.  I’m finally making time in my life to do some side projects.  My hope is to provide high quality content for independent  game developers.  I’ve chose to start this endeavor via the Unreal marketplace with Unity expansions coming eventually.

The first of my offerings is a Stasis pack I’ve been working with.  I hope you enjoy it.  If you have any questions or comments on that or anything else feel free to contact me at [email protected]

We Launched Far Cry 4

We’re finally releasing the new Far Cry game we’ve been working on along with Ubisoft Montreal. Far Cry 4 hits the shelves today.

Head over to my portfolio section to see some of my contributions to the multiplayer part of this awesome game!